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The World of Adored Beast Explored Part 2 - Love Bugs, Healthy Gut, Gut Soothe and Fido's Flora

Understanding the difference between their probiotic formulas

Love bugs: Ideal for dogs who are looking for maintenance with no significant health issues. It contains only pre and probiotics and helps promote gut health and support digestive issues.

Healthy Gut: Same blend as love bugs but with added digestive enzymes. If your dog has recently received a dose of antibiotics, Healthy Gut helps soothe and create optimal growing conditions for friendly digestive flora. Adding digestive enzymes helps aid in the absorption of nutrients. A necessity for dogs on commercial kibble or any other highly processed food.

Gut Soothe: Contains the same blend as Love Bugs but also includes herbs that help target inflammation while soothing and replenishing the lining of the gut and bowel. Gut Soothe also supports inflammation caused by arthritis, autoimmune diseases and skin diseases and aids in fighting yeast infections.

Fido’s Flora: If your dog has more serious health and digestive issues, such as aggressive allergies, cancer, or digestive diseases, Fido’s Flora will do more than just replenishing friendly bacteria. Fido Flora is the only probiotic that comes from the canine itself and is not human grade.

Here is Adored Beast Founder Julie Anne Lee explaining Fido's Flora a little more:


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