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You are what you eat - so are your pets!

I have applied these words to myself and my family for most of my life so It was only natural that I would want to apply them to my animals also. I have always had an awareness of feeding dogs raw meat. I have memories from way back of my mother going to the butchers and bringing home scraps of raw meat and, most disgustingly to me at my tender age, sheeps heads. I can still picture our Alsatian tucking into them with great gusto.

Over the years as I read more widely on the subject, I became increasingly concerned that the dry food (kibble) diet I fed to my dogs was not at all in keeping with their needs as natural carnivores. Two "near death" experiences with bloat only served to reinforce this growing awareness. I gradually increased the amount of raw food in their diets (one dog at a time) until finally, 14 years ago, I decided to switch entirely to raw food.

Feeding our family of Rhodesian Ridgebacks and our Cats their raw diet is a joyous occasion for us. They love mealtimes and we know it is because they love the food we offer them. More importantly, they are gleaming with health. Their teeth are white (they have never required cleaning by a vet) their coats are shiny and their breath is sweet. They shed very little and they are seldom ill.

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Our Team

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Bark Twain

aka Mark Throssell

Sales and Production

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J K Growling

aka Rosemary Throssell

President & Inspiration

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Droolius Caesar

aka Olivia Throssell

Marketing & Nutrition

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