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Price Increase on 25th September

Dear customers,

Our prices will rise by between 3% and 6%.

It is 13 months since we were forced to increase prices as meat prices soared! Since then the rate of increase has slowed. Some prices have continued to rise quite sharply (Beef, Chicken and Rabbit) one has stabilized (Turkey) and one has fallen (Australian Lamb)

We have tried to reflect these variations in our new prices which will change from Monday 25th September. Overall we have managed to keep the increase to between 3% and 6% for most dinners and pack sizes, with prices on our best sellers increasing by around 3% and Lamb decreasing in price (and making an appearance in some of our variety packs!). Rabbit has been underpriced for a while and is now costing us more to make than the lamb.

We will continue to produce the best products we can using the best ingredients that we can find and we would like to thank you for your continued support!


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