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This pack contains a selection of menus to provide balanced nutrition over a period of time. This pack contains  slimpacks of our most popular recipes  plus a bag of duck necks (for smaller, younger dogs) or a Turkey Neck or duck necks (for larger/adult dogs) to provide a little extra!


The 15lb pack contains 15 x 1lb slimpouches

The 22lb pack contains 22 x 1lb slimpouches

The 30lb pack contains 15 x 2lb slimpouches

The 44lb pack contains 22 x 2lb slimpouches


All our variety packs now include:

  • Sardines for essential omega oils (size dependent)
  • A pot of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil with essential fatty acids and is good for the skin
  • A bone of your choice or a pure dehydated meat treat


The 15lb and 30lb  variety pack contains the following dinners (22lb and 44lb option in parenthesese):
Turkey x 2 (3)
Beef & Blueberry x2 (3)

Beef & Turkey x2 (3)

Beef & Chicken x2 (3)
Catskill Chicken & Egg x2 (3)

Duck and Blueberry 2 (2)

Rabbit 1 (2)

Beef and Sardines 2 (3)

No Pork Variety Pack

PriceFrom $99.00
  • Ingredients: 15 or 22 packs of a range of dinners, designed to provide a wide variety of different proteins but also the bone, muscle meat and organ that a dog needs.

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