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Digestive Enzyme/ Pre-& Probiotic. Without proper enzymes, no matter what food you are feeding your furry family, their ability to digest and acquire nutrition is extremely limited, leading to decreased nutrition, malntrition and money wasted on food and poor health.

The digestive enzymes added to Healthy Gut can improve your animals nutrient absorption rate dramtically. It helps rebalance and cultivate proper growing coniditions for friendly digestive flora destroyed by antiobiotics and toxins.

Essential for dogs who are dogs who have been malnourished, kibble fed, chronically sick dogs or old dogs that require a dramatic boost in their nutrient absorption rate. Large stool volume is often an indication that they would benefit greatly from this product as they may not be currently absorbing their food properly.

Majority of rescue dogs can fall into this category. Great for cats and hairballs.



Healthy Gut- A Digestive Enzyme

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