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We are offering a series of menus that offer variety (very important) and species appropriate nutrition for dogs, puppies and cats. We want to keep the ingredients as natural and as authentic as possible to mimic the kind of diet they would have in the wild. This also means varying the ingredients to give them a wide range of meat proteins over time.


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Why Raw Food?

As raw food makers we believe in only using whole meats, whole organs and bones to provide the nutrition, along with a small quantity of whole fruit and vegetables and spirulina, diatomaceous earth and kelp (all naturally occurring). Meat, organ and bone make up around 90% of each of our dinners and provide nutrition in the most natural form possible for a dog or cat. We feed our pets the way we eat, achieving nutritional balance over the course of a few meals rather than forcing each meal to be fully nutritionally balanced.

First time feeding raw?

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Happy Customers = Happier Pets

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