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Welcome to Canine Kitchen

New website, new name, same commitment to making the best raw food for pets

If you are new to our raw food may we extend a warm welcome. We are committed to making the most species appropriate and very best raw food we can, using a minimal range of natural ingredients and whole meat, organs and bone and a small amount of whole organic and wild fruit and vegetables. You can view our full range of ingredients here (its not very long!). If you are coming here expecting to see Kaskazini Kitchens website you are at the right place. We changed our name! Nothing else has changed and you can read about why we changed below!

Kaskazini Kitchen becomes Canine Kitchen

When we launched our original website we were almost exclusively feeding our dogs (Rhodesian Ridgebacks) and the puppies who had gone to their new homes. When we were trying to decide on a name for our website we realized that most people would know us through our dogs. Rosemary breeds them and has the affix Kaskazini which means "North" in Swahili, reflecting the dogs origins in Southern Africa. (see our dogs website here if you are interested!) It made sense to us then to adopt the name Kaskazini. That was 6 years ago and as the business has grown it seems that the name is a source of confusion, being hard to say and even harder to spell! So welcome to our new look, new name but the exact same philosophy that has driven our food making!

Please contact us!

Please get in touch with any questions, concerns or issues with the new site. We hope it is clearer, easier to navigate and easier to use. You can contact us here


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